Posted by: Kingsguru21 | February 23, 2011

Kings trade Carl Landry for Marcus Thornton

Well, well. Am I a fan of this trade today? I can be convinced it could work, and I am of the mind that I’m not really sure what this solves. I do think it does address one issue that this team clearly has: Shot creation. I’m just not sure that a shot-jacker of Thornton’s value is what this team really needs. Again, I’ll be glad to be proven wrong.

As far as Thornton’s numbers, I’ve been looking at his season numbers from a year ago and this year. Looking at his college years, he did have a reasonably high TS% in his last 2 seasons at LSU. (This is not necessarily any great evidence of anything. I’m just making a point.)

As far as since entering the pro’s, he’s done several things relatively well: Getting to the rim, getting to the line and hitting 3’s. Thornton is not wonderful at shooting 3’s as he’s very much a streak shooter, but he’s better at shooting the ball than Tyreke Evans is at this stage.

The problem I have is 2 fold: One, can he replicate his success of a year ago (or what was viewed as success–I’m skeptical), and Two, can he do it on a Kings team that often struggles to get into offensive sets and get quality shots at the basket consistently. I believe that Thornton can get good shots at the baskets with veterans who understand to run a NBA system. But you know who that also applied to? Carl Landry and, well, how well did he work out for the Kings with how poorly our guys run this system (whatever it is–I’m not sure if that’s Westphal or our players, but whatever it is doesn’t do very well).

So, on that note, I like Thornton as a player and certainly understand why so many are optimistic. I’m just not sure this is that good of a trade. (Stop me when you’ve heard this before.)

I think the Kings sold Landry off for low value in terms of what this team needs. I’m not sure Landry was worth moving for Thornton when it creates the following issue’s:

* You have to add 1.25 million in salary before the end of the season without adding an extra expense. (It’s basically a fine for not having enough salary on your roster.)

* You add another small G to the rotation that has Pooh Jeter, Jermaine Taylor, and Beno Udrih (although he’s a bigger PG) that has defensive issue’s

* You trade a veteran player who was excellent in the locker room for a younger player who is trying to re-establish himself

I don’t hate Marcus Thornton at all. In fact, I like what he brings as a talent. I just don’t think he’ll do much of anything for this team, and unless the Kings get something back I really want (like Courtney Lee), I’m not sure I’ll be happy with this type of deal.

If Thornton was one of the players coming back for Landry, I’d be happy. If it was Thornton and Lee for instance, I’d be happy. (And, that’s very possible the Kings could pull off something like that.)

My feeling about this trade is that this is a smoke & mirrors type deal. Convince your fanbase that you’re doing something and that you got “something” for a player like Landry. (Which I feel is overrated but whatever.) However, the point is that I don’t really think you’re solving a problem but switching one type of problem you have with another problem and hope it works out by having the problems helped with chemistry across the board. Or some such. (I’m tired and having trouble understanding why switching holes around is doing anything.)

At the end of the day, I think this is a trade that could help if other changes and the issue’s that currently plague this team is addressed. Until then, it could be a tread water at best and look like it was pointless to make at worst type move.

I guess when you’re 13-41, the risks aren’t all that great.

UPDATE: The final trade has been announced as of 2PM PST February 23rd. It is Landry for Thornton and cash.


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