Posted by: Kingsguru21 | February 23, 2011

Potential Trades the Kings could do by the Trade Deadline tomorrow

Since Deron Williams and Carmelo Anthony have both moved east to a NY area team, it’s changed the landscape of things around.

* Francisco Garcia for Andrei Kirilenko

The Kings get the Jazz well under the luxury tax, and the Kings get out of the long term deal that Garcia currently is getting. The upside is that you might improve at the SF position for the interim helping Omri Casspi develop in the backup SF role.

* Luther Head and Donte Greene for Courtney Lee and Jared Jeffries/cash

I like this as it gets the Kings a young SG under contract for another season beyond this one and one who can play defense and off the ball. You can pair Lee with either Udrih, Jeter or Evans and have the same effect. (You could even play Udrih/Evans/Lee together very well.) The Jared Jeffries and cash part would be to help the Kings financially cover Jeffries salary and the Kings would successfully send a SF/PF in Greene that could help the Rockets in a few different ways (defensively/post scoring). Plus this deal would allow the Rockets to get under the tax line.

* Donte Greene for Aaron Afflalo

This is a trade done to give a young talent for a young talent with respective abilities used in different fashion.

These are just 3 idea’s. I’m sure there are plenty more idea’s out there but I’m too flummoxed to really think about them.

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