Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 21, 2011

Should the Kings trade for Tony Parker?

Perhaps you’ve read the Woj rumor over at Yahoo. Or the mini storm over at Sactown Royalty.

Don’t get it twisted; I have no problem with Tony Parker the player. On first blush, a deal for Parker makes sense in a weak draft. Parker is accomplished as a 3 time All-Star, 3 time NBA champion and a Finals MVP mixed in there. I’m not arguing he’s talent, or that Tony Parker could help the Kings win games.

I am going to argue, however, why? Parker is owed 40 million over the next 4 seasons at a bare minimum and 49 million if Parker is not waived. This is a lot of money you’re committing to a 29 year old G and one who is similar to Marcus Thornton.

Additionally, you have to re-sign Marcus Thornton (which would be difficult for the Kings to do from a justification monetary standpoint) amidst doing this.

I want to stress again; all things being equal I wouldn’t be against trading for Tony Parker all things being equal. But the Kings are not in a position of all things being equal.

I get why Tony Parker could work conceivably in an ideal world. And, I’d rather have Tony Parker than Jimmer Fredette or Kemba Walker. If that’s the fallback option, I’d actually be in favor of Tony Parker in that scenario. Parker, unlike Fredette or Walker, is proven and shown to be a NBA star in the right situation. The fact that Parker is not a rookie is certainly appealing too.

Here’s the problem. Unless you can’t get Kawhi Leonard, and I can’t believe I just typed that, I’m not sure that Tony Parker is the best type of move the Kings can make right now. And that’s the problem I have with this type of move. It feels very six in one half dozen in the other. Unlike Marcus Thornton, Parker isn’t really a complement and adding to a rotation that already has 3 NBA quality players in it. (There was a major benefit by thinning down the big rotation that I overlooked at the time of the Thornton-Landry trade.)

If this was a Beno Udrih/Omri Casspi trade for Tony Parker than I’d probably do that. But, I’m not exactly sure why San Antonio does that.

So, while I guess you can do worse than Tony Parker for the 7th pick, I’m not convinced the Kings become a significantly better team with Tyreke Evans playing the SF as a result. I want moves that make the Kings better, and, in my opinion, taking Reke off the ball and out of the backcourt eliminates both what he does well offensively and defensively. You need Tyreke Evans to be an All-Star, in all likelihood, or at least having an All-Star level season to make the playoffs next season. I’m not convinced that kind of season would happen at the SF spot.

That said, I won’t cry or be upset at this type of deal. I’ve seen worse deals for the franchise in the past. But, something tells me that if anyone does this type of trade, it would be Toronto.

Then again, what do I know?


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