Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 21, 2011

So the Maloof’s……really do want to be here eh?

As per usual, when the Maloof’s wish to get their positive spin of the story they go to their favorite lady in black Ailene Voisin. Which, between the blog post, and the paper edition, offered some doozy quotes from Ailene and George Maloof himself.

On failed ballot Measures Q & R in 2006:

“We never had a chance. That never should have gone to the ballot. It wasn’t ready. And the main thing is, when you’re negotiating something, you can’t negotiate in public, and too much of that was public. You’re sitting across a table from somebody, trying to do your best, they’re trying to do their best, and things are said publicly and get misunderstood. It was strange. It was put together way too fast. And you can’t play this stuff out in the media. It never works.”

You know George. It would have been great if you told Joe & Gavin that in 2006. Or, rather, just have been involved rather than trying to reinvent the wheel in Vegas with the Palms and over-extend yourself in the process. Which, you know, led to you losing 78% of the Palms, your brewery which your fortune was based off (because you were so desperate to save the Palms), and leave the perception that you were Donald Sterling North by perfecting your slumlord act 400 miles away. But you can’t go back right George? Let’s not let any details get in the way of your family’s self absorbed truth.

“I had done this promotion 20 years ago,” he said. “It said, ‘Our slots pay lots.’ I thought, ‘Maybe the Palms slots pay lots.’ I hired somebody to research it, and when it turned out our slots were looser than those on the Strip or downtown, we started a promotion that helped us get some of our (local) market back.

“To parallel that with the Kings, you never give up. You stay focused, keep charging.”

I’m so glad you’ve got the cliches down George! Maybe these cliches can get a new arena financed too!

Some would say – and count me among them – that he should have been the family’s point man throughout the decades-long ordeal. He is the acknowledged brains of the bunch, the builder, the creator, the detail man. He sweats the small stuff, which in negotiations often proves to be the most significant, confounding elements.

George should be sweating the small stuff Ailene. After all, the NBA is breathing down their family’s neck to prove family worth in this matter. If the Kings don’t spend money, don’t push the right buttons in the arena process, and show that they understand this market (which would be a first) that the Familys currently owns a team in, it might be proof that they would best be relieved of said ownership.

On the current status of arena discussions: “I’m waiting to hear from ICON, sometime in the near future. I’ve been to Sacramento three times already. I just fly in and fly out, because I can’t stay away from the Palms too long. it’s 24/7. I have to be here. But when there’s important stuff, I’ll be there. And my brothers (Joe and Gavin) are there all the time now.”

Well isn’t this ironic. When ICON wanted to get ahold of you, like, say, back in February, you weren’t available then. Now they’ve put you on hold. But I’m glad to see you’re capable of commuting between Vegas and Sac.

“Initially, my hesitation about staying was this: You can’t ask people who are struggling in this economy for something,” Maloof said. “I had a hard time with that. Philosophically, I really did. But the mayor (Kevin Johnson) did a great job helping me believe it was better for the community to build an arena, and convinced me that we should have one. He is on a mission, man, and that grass-roots movement … all those fans.”

You mean the fans on Here We Stay night, chanting extremely loud, didn’t get your attention on February 28th? Yeah, that’s not a shock. George, we get the NBA won’t let you say that they blocked you from moving to Anaheim. At least you aren’t as stupid as your 2 brothers so maybe you won’t be a hinderance to getting an arena deal done.

But that’s only because I didn’t realize there was that much interest still in Sacramento,” George Maloof said last week at the Palms Casino Resort. “I thought maybe the town had given up.”

Yes. 2 Here We Stay nights organized by fans was a clear sign the town had given up. Plus, you know, Kevin Johnson’s actual first attempt at getting a new arena done as a mayor. You know, like, since it was KJ’s first actual attempt since becoming the mayor. But details and reality are not what matters; it’s all about self deception and illusions that we tell ourselves that might become true if the 8.2 billion things need to happen to make that reality come true.


This is the problem with the Maloof’s, and, unfortunately with Ailene Voisin around it will clutter and obfuscate the message for some quite a bit, is that they don’t get that nobody in Sacramento does not see their antagonistic horseshit for what it really is: Antagonistic horseshit. A little bit of honesty doesn’t hurt, and I get the NBA is hamstringing the Maloof family (as they should).

Let me suggest one subtle thing, other than the pointless words uttered by George Maloof, is that one way to show commitment to Sacramento would to be doing that interview somewhere in Sacramento when George Maloof was there for his hit & run sessions.

It’s very hard for Sacramento to embrace cut & run ownership that is hit & miss when 2 brothers, who have burned every bridge in the local area, are the local Maloof’s in Sacramento and the point man for the arena deal, George, is still acclimating to the new responsibilities at the Palms.

If this doesn’t scream stupid micro-management, I don’t know what does. Joe & Gavin Maloof were never capable of putting an arena deal the right way. And, 5 years later, the brother capable of getting it right the first time is back & forth like an out of town owner who is coming here to oversee the charges when it suits him.

The Maloof’s need to understand that this herky jerky Jekkyl & Hyde ownership doesn’t work for anyone. It’s evident to anyone paying attention here, that the end game is that they want to spend money for one reason: To juice the book value of the team when selling it. They don’t want to sell a down property for potentially significantly less money. They want to sell a young on the rise team that projects to increase values moving forward.

Guess what? If it’s Ron Burkle that ends up buying the team, and I’ll believe it when I see it on that point, he’s not going to buy the Kings at a premium value the way Robert Sarver did with the Suns. Or, the way Dan Gilbert did with the Cavaliers. The Cavs, despite the knock of Cleveland, really are a draw of the entire state of Ohio. That is not a small market any way you slice it. And, the Suns have a large following around the world and in Phoenix because of Steve Nash.

The Kings are not that type of team. It’s evident to everyone what the Maloof’s are trying to do: Hang on until they can sell the team for significantly more than what they paid for the franchise. That’s the end game.

And you know what? Why should we believe anything else? This isn’t really about a new arena or the Maloof’s feeling reinvigorated within the local Sacramento community. This is the Maloof’s doing everything they feel possible to raise the value of the team to sell it. And guess what? The only faux-pas here is that the Maloof’s still pretend that nobody else see’s this charade for what it is.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or, I guess, an Ailene Voisin column. I guess.

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