Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 22, 2011

Is Richard Jefferson worth trading for Tony Parker?

Well, I guess this depends. You’ve read what I wrote last night. Here’s the thing.

I understand why the Kings would wish to trade for Tony Parker and Richard Jefferson if it involves moving Beno Udrih and Francisco Garcia too.

Richard Jefferson has a negative reputation, but I think the Kings could benefit from having him. Plus, it would add to the veteran presence, not overload your backcourt and having Tyreke Evans play SF to boot, with the added benefit of balancing your roster financially and from a skill/talent standpoint. if any of this helps retain Sammy Dalembert, I’m all for it.

I have no doubt Tony Parker will have a better season next year than Kyrie Irving. And, by many accounts, Irving is the best player in this draft. (Read this if you have not. Dalt’s rankings are incredible.)

Richard Jefferson is 30. Tony Parker is 29. They would provide a more veteran and honest presence that the Kings would certainly need. Jefferson’s decline is quite a bite exaggerated. He had quite the rebound season this past season. Tony Parker is still in his prime. But, at the same time, taking both of those guys on without trading Beno Udrih and Francisco Garcia makes a lot less sense (particularly because if you’re trading the 7th pick for Parker and adding Jefferson to the package it makes a lot less sense for the Kings). There is a lot that I like about this deal in theory, but here’s the kicker: The Kings can’t make this deal without adding Udrih/Garcia.

Essentially, with cap room involved, the Kings cannot absorb both Parker & Jefferson. Udrih and Garcia are the only contracts out there that would make it realistically possible (without packaging young players as part of the deal).

Essentially, I’m not sold that any deal will happen, but I would certainly be supportive of the deal if the backcourt moves from Evans/Udrih/Thornton to Evans/Parker/Thornton. That is certainly an upgrade even if Parker is not a lights out shooter as he would be in a perfect world. (In a perfect world, the Spurs would have not been able to draft Tony Parker at the 28th pick either.)

You add Jefferson if you can move Udrih and shed Garcia’s contract. That makes plenty of sense when adding the Kings needs and abilities into account.

Richard Jefferson and Tony Parker for the 7th pick, Beno Udrih and Francisco Garcia makes a lot of sense. Tony Parker for the 7th pick does not. That’s the difference; you thin out your backcourt to appropriately reflect the talent level you now have and you keep Evans in the backcourt. Without that dynamic, and without moving the Udrih/Garcia dollars, it makes little sense for the Kings to acquire Tony Parker.

To be honest, I like this a lot more than hoping Kawhi Leonard (and I think he can no question) will develop into the type of role player star the Kings would absolutely need Leonard to be.

Maybe things are looking up in Kings land after all.

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