Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 23, 2011

Beno Udrih/draft rights of Biyombo for John Salmons/draft rights for Fredette is finalized

I’ll be honest. I’m going to shrug about all of this. Is John Salmons ideal? Probably not. In fact, just about anywhere you look there is going to be widespread hatred of the return of John Salmons.

Here are Salmons numbers. Couple of things. I think Salmons can still defend even if people aren’t fond of his age. At 31, he is what he is. The fact that the Kings took Salmons while the Bucks took back Stephen Jackson is rather telling. The Kings could have had Jackson, but wanted no part of him. I can’t blame them in that regard.

At the end of the day, Salmons will be judged by how he performs in the next 3 seasons. If he performs anything close to what Geoff Petrie believes Salmons can perform at, than people will stop being angry. If not, or if Salmons struggles for long stretches, than this will be met with great skepticism.

If I were to be totally honest and accurate, I’m scratching at my head on the “why” on Salmons. (I know what Petrie said.) Especially when the Kings gave up Beno who I felt was the best overall statistical performer offensively for the Kings. But, and this is worth noting too, that Salmons did have 3 seasons of 55 + TS% in a Kings uni (and continued his best TS% with Sacramento after being traded to Chicago in ’09). Salmons shoots FT’s pretty well at above 80% for his career. That is a plus no matter what you think of him. He played the most minutes on an injury riddled Bucks squad.

To be honest, while I find acquiring Salmons a head scratcher on the surface, if he becomes the player that Geoff Petrie purports him to be for the next 3 seasons it won’t matter what Salmons age or history in Sacramento is. It’s entirely irrelevant. The Salmons from 06-09 is not the Salmons here now. The Kings team Salmons signed with and played for in those years is not the Kings squad now. It’s not exactly going to be the same situation then as it is now. It’s quite possible that Salmons proves useful in giving the Kings a quality wing option while pushing Omri Casspi or Tyler Honeycutt to be better players. I’m not, honestly, that upset by Salmons. I have learned that when something seems to be good to be true, it can be so. But I’ve also learned that sometimes being patient and waiting for the facts to come in is the best approach. I’ve learned this the hard way from every conceivable angle imaginable. I was literally frothing at the mouth when the Tyreke Evans pick was made.

One note here on the Tony Parker trade: With the George Hill for Kawhi Leonard (I think the Spurs got a steal with Leonard), I can see why the Spurs didn’t trade Parker. As such, without that deal anywhere near the table, it’s impossible for me to say Geoff Petrie left a better deal without knowing what deals he had on the table to consider.

As far as Jimmer Fredette, to be honest, I wasn’t that fond of him for the Kings. I’m not really sure what he solves from a Kings perspective, but it’s quite possible I’m underrating his offensive abilities (passing for instance) and his shooting/scoring at the next level. I have no doubt that Jimmer can bring something to the table. I also have no doubt that the Kings were doing something to get a player that could give them personality a la Jason Williams.

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not against Jimmer Fredette. If he can do anything close to what he did at BYU this season, I’ll be thrilled. If Jimmer can replace Beno Udrih as the 3rd G at a similar season to what Beno did even 2 years ago, I’ll be thrilled. I will not be unhappy with the pick of Jimmer even if I wonder if some of the pick was done to garner attention amongst fans.

I know little about Tyler Honeycutt other than a few stats I’ve read, and his draft profile over at Draft Express. That’s what I’ll offer along with this tidbit: I’ll bet Honeycutt makes the roster. He may even push Omri Casspi out of the rotation eventually if Casspi does not get his head on straight. (I see the Honeycutt pick as a way to motivate Omri Casspi to get his head in the game and ass in gear. But I may be wrong on that. Sometimes a pick is just a pick.)

I will note about Honeycutt’s numbers that you may want to note: Ben Howland can screw up an offensive guys numbers and some of Honeycutt’s red flags (his low ORtg for instance) may be a product of how many minutes he played.

Okay, as far as Isiaah Thomas, you’re going to see plenty of speculation (that I won’t refute here because A) I’m not in the know in terms of the franchise and B) it doesn’t really matter that much to me) about Thomas taking Pooh Jeter’s spot in the rotation. Here is the writeup’s for DX on Thomas.


I know the general reception about Salmons is negative, and not to mention will remain negative but it’s one of those things I’m willing to wait on before saying it’s a terrible trade. I don’t feel Salmons is as bad as everyone is making him out to be, and I wonder how long it would take for the many who are critical of this aspect of the trade to let it go. I suspect a good long while.

Jimmer Fredette is going to be a fan favorite, but will turn into a flop if he doesn’t perform well early. Thus, I don’t believe his ability to sell tickets will have much impact one way or the other. And, as a result, I think it’s more a basketball pick than an ownership pick from that angle.

Tyler Honeycutt and Isiaah Thomas I have no quarrel with being taken at the 35th and 60th picks. If they both make the team and contribute something, I will consider that a net positive.


Okay now for some random thoughts to finish this up.

Overall, I’m not upset as much as I’m confused as how John Salmons will become the solution of the gaping hole at the SF spot. If Salmons works, he works. If he doesn’t, well, Geoff Petrie opened himself up for a swelling black hole of criticism. But, I also think this is proof that Petrie isn’t stale either (despite the argument that will be made as such).

Additionally, one thing that may be overlooked is that John Salmons acquisition may help convince Sam Dalembert to resign with the Kings due to their past Sixer connections as young players. Additionally being a Philly guy, Salmons may help Evans in ways that Udrih and other vets the past 2 years could not help Evans in.

There is also a part of me that wonders if Petrie sold high on Udrih to a stats guy like John Hammond (Bucks GM) knowing there was always a possibility Beno Udrih may have peaked as a NBA player. I’m not saying I agree with this (I’d disagree on the basis that Tyreke makes Beno’s life a lot easier and Paul Westphal and Beno Udrih understood each other which is why Beno had the 2 season’s he did under Westphal) reasoning, but I’ll point out it’s one possible reason why Petrie felt John Salmons might not be the risk that some see him as today.

I think it was clear that the Kings were not enamored of Brandon Knight in any way, and were not convinced by Kawhi Leonard in any way (although he was probably 2nd on their board). They clearly felt Salmons/Fredette was better than Udrih/Leonard. I would have argued the other way myself, but that’s me. I’m not Kings management. And, it’s not like I’m always right on these things.

I would bet the Kings war room was relieved they didn’t have to make a decision between Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette. Although, they could have easily made up their mind by the time the 9th pick rolled around.

Some additional non NBA thoughts:

I was really surprised Tristan Thompson went 4th. But, if it works big up’s to the Cavs.

On the flip side, I’m not surprised that Irving, Williams & Kanter were the top 3. I am a bit surprised that Brandon Knight slipped to 8.

I am not surprised Biyombo went into the top 10. I think Kemba Walker will have a better career than Brandon Knight.

I think Jan Vesely may surprise people in a couple seasons with strong play. And I mean more than a dunking youtube highlight.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyrus Thomas is on the move. If that means to the Kings or another team, I don’t know. I just don’t know that the Bobcats will want to move forward with Thomas/Biyombo around who are not real offensive threats. I would be surprised if the Kings made a move for TT without figuring out whether they can sign Dalembert or not. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a trade for Tyrus Thomas in some fashion as a backup plan. Although, with Rich Cho as the new Bobcats GM, that may be a difficult thing to do. Rich Cho does not give away asset’s (as he should) for cheap.

I think Alec Burks has a strong possibility to be one of the 3 best players of the draft. Ditto with Kawhi Leonard who was the steal of the entire draft. Kyrie Irving has the best projection of any player in this draft, and barring injury, could easily attain that level of play in the NBA.

Hopefully Jeremy Tyler has more success in the Bay Area than he did in Israel or Japan for that matter. He may be a project, but he may also be a steal for the Warriors if he develops correctly. There is one thing that is for sure: His development was not one NBA teams were not willing to invest money, time and attention with by using a 1st round pick. I saw one comment by a GM: “He may end up having a NBA future, but I’m not willing to spend my money on him.” If that GM was Danny Ainge, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it was, I find that interesting since the Celtics were talking about him in the buildup of the draft.

Josh Selby dropping out of the 1st round (and past the midway point of the 2nd round) was not a great surprise given his medical issue.

I’m surprised that Markieff Morris was selected before Marcus Morris, but I would be willing to bet that the Suns made the right decision.


Here’s an interview with Ryan Yamamoto and Jimmer. H/T TZ Twitter.

Okay this is it. Have a good night, and if you’re upset, just sleep it off and wake up tomorrow refreshed. It’s the only real option you have. Take my word for it.


  1. A little more indifference from your part RE the Salmons trade. You really think Markieff is going to be better than Marcus?

    • I really believe Markieff will have a better career. Did some things better than Marcus (rebounding shoot the 3) and is used to being a role player. Marcus is not used to that role and will struggle with it. Plus, I don’t think he’ll score like he did at Kansas. Just my opinion here.

      That said, I wrote this at different times and I was definitely indifferent at the start. I actually think the trade has a chance to work now and fairly happy with it plus the draft of Jimmer/Honeycutt/Thomas. All 3 of those guys bring something to the table that could really improve the team in some shape or form.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. If there is a long lockout that shortens the season I will be so happy when NBA games resume that I won’t really care that the Kings reacquired John Salmons. Well reasoned post as always but count me not sold on Salmons.

    Every time I’m tempted to go ballistic I remind myself that we could have ended up with Stephen Jackson. Just think of what an unhappy Jackson will do for Brandon Jennings’ attitude.

    Objectively, I’m amazed that John Hammond was able to unload both Salmons and Maggette, in my mind two of the worst 2010 signings. When I see him trade Drew Gooden’s contract I will agree that he was actually GM of the year.

    As far as the draft itself goes, I think Petrie did a reasonably decent job. I’d give him a B on Jimmer and an A for the second round. It will be years before we know if Jimmer is an impact player or not. The story is still being written on Reke, DMC, JT et al.

    Thanks for the perspective, have a good summer Pook.

    • Have a good summer yourself BJ.

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