Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 23, 2011

Kings trade 7th pick and Beno Udrih to Milwaukee as part of 3 team trade for John Salmons/10th pick

You no doubt have heard about this already. Here is Jason Jones blog post at the Bee about it. (I believe it was Woj who broke the trade.)

I don’t understand why you’d trade down 3 picks, trade for John Salmons (who has a longer more expensive contract and is older than Beno) and who was less productive than Beno Udrih on the court.

This doesn’t smell the sniff test as the final move so I’m going to comment when the draft is over. If all the Kings come away with from Beno Udrih/7th pick is John Salmons and the 10th pick, I’m not exactly understanding of that.

Many believe that the Kings are targeting Jimmer Fredette at that 10th pick, but I’m beginning to wonder if the Kings wanted to get Alec Burks instead.

Like I said, the smell test isn’t smelling right right now. And, until the smoke clears, I’m not sure I want to spend time worrying about something before it’s clear that it is final.


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