Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 30, 2011

Omri Casspi/protected 1st round pick are traded for JJ Hickson

You’ve already heard, and my opinion of this trade is not necessarily that favorable. I’m not the biggest fan of Hickson, but I’ve been wrong before. And, whether Hickson was as effective as he was with LeBron James (statistically rather effective) or as ineffective without LeBron (worse than Jason Thompson) makes little difference. This is a potential low cost high reward move.

What bothers me is not the protected 1st going to Cleveland (I’m tired of hoping for solutions in the draft), but the fact that the Kings will have to pay both Hickson and Thompson moving forward. At the same time no less. But, that’s a problem for another year assuming the NBA owners & players do not destroy all goodwill in existence.

I guess we’ll see what happens moving forward. There’s been a lot to chew on around the Kings and the NBA today. It’s becoming a rather strange world we are residing in.


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