Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 13, 2011

A kinda new thing here at EC…..

If you haven’t noticed, I changed my name. Why? Well, I’ve never been or ever will be willing to be an actual “Pookey” in real life. When I used that name at places like Sactown Royalty and Elephants in Oakland, among others, it was simply a throw away user ID. When I started EC, I hadn’t made the decision to let the public know my real name. Hence the “Pookey” moniker. Now it’s not a big deal since I have a Twitter account and use my real name. But, in 2009, it was not well known what my actual name was. For a time, I wanted to keep it that way.

Now I don’t care. Why the 21h? Well, Nate was taken and 21 is my favorite number of a certain Gucci-knockoff ex-Serbian C who may or may not have been known for chain smoking.

So, feel free to call me Pookey, but that’s going to go away right now forever from my end. Since I don’t call myself Pookey (and you may have noticed others call me Nate, that’s because I’ve told them this in person), and my family/friends don’t call me that, I figure why continue the practice? Precisely!

UPDATE: Also, I’ve changed my twitter account to @Kingsguru21 (which is where the guru part from the “pookeyguru” came from–it was the original moniker). That’s assuming you tweet of course.

Additionally, I’ve changed the URL to “” (the name of the blog as currently titled is not changing; it was literally the only URL that somewhat correlated with the title that I could get) so if you’re still using the URL, that should be fine for the time being. However, you may wish to change that at some point for convenience.

Have a good weekend. Nate


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