Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 14, 2011

Linkage for the basketball soul

Sometimes, there are a lot of links out there. This is not one of these posts. This is more about NBA roundup and good stuff I’ve read out there with several twists out there.

Perhaps you aren’t aware of the new version of “Here We Build”, and the drama that came with it. There is a new movement called “Think Big Sacramento”. I suggest following on Twitter and Facebook if you aren’t not doing so already. (This is not news.)

Recently, though, there was the original report, and the recent report on the findings of the original report.

I really have liked the series of articles that Ken Berger of CBSSports has put out about the lockout and it’s impact. There is a 3 part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) on how Berger would fix the CBA. A great piece about the connections between public subsidization of arena’s and whether the owners should open their books to illustrate their losses as a result. Another is a potential timeline, and Berger’s prediction that the lockout may end in October just in time for the season to start without delay. I hope he’s right.

James Ham and his new morning cup O Kings pieces he’s doing. This particular one is about Jimmer Fredette, Rick Reilly and the hack job he did on Jimmer in March (and while I’m not yay or nay Jimmer here–maybe a bit more yay than nay truth be told–that was a major league hack job that was so poor that Dan Patrick, as you’ll see in James post, called Reilly out on it). Additionally, here is a piece from J-Jones at the Bee Blog, and 2 tidbits from Voisin at the Bee Blog.

Darius Soriano of Forum Blue & Gold the potential impact of new Lakers assistant head coach Ettore Messina. I really suggest reading as it’s not just Messina, but also an assessment of how Ricky Rubio may fare in Minnesota once the season starts.

Speaking of the Wolves, here is Zach Harper’s take of Kurt Rambis’ firing at TrueHoop. This may be the most enjoyable (although you probably want to read these 2 links first to fully understand: 1st link and 2nd link) out of everything I’ve read. This will be a guaranteed interesting read when I get around to reading the thread.

Some vintage Sacramento Kings memoriesfrom A Royal Pain for those of you yearning for such things. Big up’s to Scott Levin for finding such a video (or putting it onto Youtube if that is the case).

Last but not least, some youngins discussing whether they would go overseas or not. H/T to Sam Amick. Here is the writeup that comes with the video. H/T Aykis.


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