Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 19, 2011

Kings schedule comes out

So the schedule is out and you can see it here at TZ @ StR has a big schedule if you wish to see the whole season without looking throughout the entire link.

Some thoughts in bullet format before I go back to strengthening my Spanglish skills.

* The NBA was always going to release a schedule. Does it change the lockout status? No. But the NBA can’t decide to have a season without a schedule. That keeps you from having a season if the lockout is resolved.

* After years of starting on the road, the Kings are not leaving NorCal until mid-November. And, of course, the Kings are also playing a 6 game road trip leading to the All-Star break.

* There is a 2 week stretch at home in mid to late March that has 8 games that could see the Kings make an important stretch run to the playoffs in that time. Or, perhaps not. (That’s just my optimism showing though.)

* The Kings play Houston twice, and only once in Houston. They play twice in OKC and once at home. (Sorry Durant fans.) The Kings play twice at Memphis and once at home. They also play the Jazz twice at home and once in Utah. (Sorry Jimmer Utah fans.)

* The Kings are spending Xmas & New Years at home.

* Dec 12th to Dec 21st offers to be the harshest pound for pound road trip of the year. The Kings play at Portland, Charlotte, Orlando, Miami and the Clippers. The Miami game is a 2nd of a back to back.

* The 6 game trip in February against the Bucks, Nets, Pistons, Cavs, Pacers & Hawks is an important stretch on the road. If the Kings can go 4-2 in this stretch (assuming all 82 is had of course), it might be another important signal that this is a playoff team.

* The Kings play 9 home games and 7 road games in November. They play 7 home games and 8 road games in December. They play 6 home games and 9 road games in January. 5 home games and 6 road games in February. They play 10 home games and 5 road games in March. They play 4 home games and 6 road games in April.

The Kings play 15 home games & 11 road games after the All-Star break.

* I’ve said it before, but I thought the Kings caught a lot of teams at the very wrong time last season. It seems, anyway, that the schedule might actually be in the Kings favor this time around a bit. Everybody has disadvantages on their schedules, and everybody has b2b’s. But that said, the Kings don’t have a home heavy schedule, and I think with a young team that may not stumble directly out of the gate, that’s quite an advantage. The road is convenient to blame for your troubles, to say the least.

Right now, I’m hoping the schedule holds to form.




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