Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 29, 2011

Ken Berger informs us that lockoutpalyspe is likely still forthcoming

Here is the Ken Berger piece for frame of reference. Awhile ago I wrote this about the lockout with regards to Deron Williams and what not: One thing I didn’t realize at the time of that piece was the war chest the players had. It’s huge: 176 million dollar huge.

The fact that the players can hold out, and so can the owners? Aye Carumba.

Neither side is afraid of losing games, and, a lot of people, I think if nothing else because of this fact, have layed the odds on a season with only 50 games in it.

As a Kings fan this scares me because of all the new additions to the roster. It can be done successfully, but, wowzah, the odds are stacked against them in some ways. Every day that a lockout creeps toward losing games in November and December is a bad day image wise for the league, and a bad day for Kings fans hoping to see the new additions plus the popular returning players.

I’m still hoping that sometime in mid-August, the high revenue owners step out of their insistence to not allow revenue sharing and recognize that a lot of value is still better than no value. Because, it’s quite possible that without revenue sharing, and a long lockout, that the high revenue teams (Knicks, Bulls, Lakers to name 3) will lose revenue anyway. Why depreciate the brand over what is, what will be viewed as, and what will be received as a petty fight between 2 groups with unrealistic expectations?

I’m hoping that sane owners come to the table and get a deal hammered out with sane players. It’s really not that hard as there are only a few issue’s. The problem is that they are major core issue’s that will literally determine, in my opinion, or at least from the owners perspective, how profitable a franchise could be in selling it to a new owner.

But I guarantee you one thing: I blame everyone if there is an extended lockout, and depending on whom makes the knuckleheaded moves (so far it’s the owners) first, we’ll see who wins the PR battle too.

Right now a lot of people side with the owners as they feel the players have taken control of the league and the owners are helpless to do anything about it. What is the problem with this? The players always control the league; THE NBA PLAYERS ARE THE NBA. Period. Simple. No argument. Because if you don’t get that, you don’t get what this lockout is really about: Power. Who has it? And frankly, there is certainly a strong faction of owners whom are desperate to prove they have power.

They don’t have power. And, without the owners, the players wouldn’t have a long running sustainable league. The problem is though: I think the players want to negotiate. The owners want to break the union.

How do you expect an amicable agreement out of a situation like that? While I don’t side with the players as I don’t believe they should be “guaranteed” anything, I also don’t believe the owners should be allowed to prance around and argue that profit should be a guaranteed thing. It’s not; never will be. I don’t care what revenue model you implement, but pure profitability will never be 100% possible for anyone.

All this lockout has proven is that both sides have dug their heels in, and while I don’t really blame the players as it’s impossible to back down from a fight and not regret it later on, I think a lot of this still falls on the owners and their unrealistic position.

The previous 590 words boils down to this: This shit sucks. And the fans are the only ones who will lose ultimately. Welcome to a world where everyone literally orbits on their own solar system.

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