Posted by: Kingsguru21 | August 14, 2011

Linkage for the soul (or not)

Lockout related stuff from Steve Perrin of Clips Nation (a great time killer) that has multiple parts. Part 1, Part 2, Part 2B, Part 3 & Part 4.

Some of TZ’s lockout related stuff going back at least 2- 2 1/2 weeks (and the reason why is that it’s all a must read IMO) at David Stern & the Master of his Domain, an opinion on the Hawks sale, another Hawks sale piece, Was there any way around a NBA lockout(?), how the players signing overseas might have an impact, how David Stern escalated the lockout, David Stern & Good Faith, Kobe Bryant teasing, the impossible compromise, how the lockout will be won, would a higher/harder salary cap fix the NBA. This is mostly financial arena type stuff related to the lockout, but, it discusses all of the details in full fleshed out form. (I disagree with a few things in there, but they are minor technical things and it’s not a big issue. The issue’s as TZ represents them in the bigger sense are not being misrepresented IMO.)

David West and other injured players from David Alridge at

Kris Willis and Jason Walker from Peachtree Hoops and Bret LaGree from Hoopinion (all 3 are excellent bloggers IMO) on the recent Atlanta Hawks sale. There is a nice discussion in Willis’ piece if you wish for more reading.

(Just my opinion here, but one of the reasons that there is little said about the sale is that it was a long time coming. Atlanta Spirit LLC was constantly under fire from all sides, including a disgruntled owner originally upset by acquiring Joe Johnson in 2005, and it’s probably just a relief if anything else. And, as Walker notes, the group approach is a very difficult ownership strategy to pull off in the long run.)

You know I’ve mentioned Nene a few times around here, and here is Kalen from Roundball Mining Company’s thoughts on Nene. Andrew Feinstein of Denver Stiffs sounds off on such a prospect. Would Jason Thompson and JJ Hickson be enough to entice the Nuggets to S&T Nene? Who knows. But, as Feinstein points out, this won’t drag out. We’ll know pretty quickly what will be going on as their is likely to be a flurry of activity once, if there is one, an offseason begins.

Could Eddy Curry be on the Miami Heat next season (well, you know, if there is a season & all)?

Neil Paine of Basketball-Reference on High School recruiting vs NBA success. How good was Michael Jordan as a player? Neil Paine states his case here.

Last but not least, Hall of Fame stuff including JA Adande, Jack McCallum on Mullin, McCallum on Sabas (Arvydas Sabonis), New York Times piece on Mullin, and I’m sure so much more out there. I don’t want to link to it all.

UPDATE: If you haven’t read this piece by Greg Wissinger at Inside-Out Game, I suggest you should. It’s in response to Bill Simmons’ podcast with David Stern.


  1. Hi Nate; I’ve had trouble logging in after being hacked; sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I had to buy a new computer; you know how it is! Thanks for the tasty links!

    • Happy to oblige Rhondda. Sorry to hear about being hacked; there is no doubt that is a major league hassle. Glad to see you’re well!

      If there was an issue with WordPress and/or logging in, let me know what it is either through email or on here and I can try to see how it can be avoided from WordPress’ end.

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