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Looking at some historical numbers: The Kings Guards

All this historical talk you see this time of year (and trust me when I say it’s not a new idea for anybody) with so little going on is one that has given me the willingness to do a slightly different twist on this idea.


Why the categories I’ve chosen? Well, I think all of them are important for G’s with the possible exception of DRB%, and, to be honest, I think that’s always important too.

So instead of doing something that doesn’t tell me a lot about a player, like Ast% or Stl%, I thought I would go with how well a particular player did in a category like TS%, Steals, etc etc.

To make this interesting, everything will be broken down on the basis of a 1000 minutes. This will be a top 10 list for various categories across the board with the total list available here.


TS% ORtg DRtg USG% TOV% DRB% WinShares
Number 1 Jim Les (63%) Jim Les (123) Doug Christie (98) Mitch Richmond (29.4%) Maurice Evans (7.6%) Bonzi Wells (17.8%) Mitch Richmond (10.8)
Number 2 Jon Barry (62.3%) Kevin Martin (121) Doug Christie (99) Mitch Richmond (27.8%) Bobby Jackson (9%) Jim Jackson (13.8%) Kevin Martin (10.2)
Number 3 Kevin Martin (61.8%) Kevin Martin (120) Bobby Jackson (100) Kevin Martin (27.4%) Kevin Martin (9.3%) Tyreke Evans (13.6%) Mike Bibby (9.4)
Number 4 Kevin Martin (61.4%) Beno Udrih (118) Doug Christie (101) Mitch Richmond (27.2%) Marcus Thornton (9.6%) Tyreke Evans (12.7%) Mitch Richmond (9.3)
Number 5 Kevin Martin (60.4%) Danny Ainge (116) Bobby Jackson (101) Mitch Richmond (27%) Bobby Jackson (10%) John Salmons (12.6%) Doug Christie (8.9)
Number 6 Kevin Martin (60.1%) Kevin Martin (116) Bonzi Wells (101) Mitch Richmond (26.9%) Kevin Martin (10.1%) Bobby Jackson (12.5%) Doug Christie (8.7)
Number 7 Sarunas Marciulionis (59.9%) Jon Barry (116) Jon Barry (102) Bobby Jackson (26.8%) Mike Woodson (10.8%) Kevin Martin (12.3%) Doug Christie (8.6)
Number 8 Mitch Richmond (59.1%) Mitch Richmond (115) Jim Jackson (102) Tyreke Evans (26.2%) Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (10.8%) John Salmons (12.2%) Mike Bibby (8.5)
Number 9 Doug Christie (59%) Mitch Richmond (115) Randy Brown (102) Kevin Martin (26.2%) Danny Ainge (11%) Kevin Martin (11.8%) Mike Bibby (8.4)
Number 10 Beno Udrih (58.7%) Kevin Martin (115) Mike Bibby (103) Reggie Theus (26.1%) Mike Bibby (11.1%) Kevin Martin (11.6%) Kevin Martin (8.4)

Now that we have a table for some advanced stats, I thought I’d go through some more basic stats to put some of this stuff in perspective.


PTS AST STL FGA / FG% FTA / FT% 3PA / 3PT% MP / Games
Number 1 Mitch Richmond (2095) Reggie Theus (788) Doug Christie (183) Mitch Richmond (1578 / 45.4%) Kevin Martin (578 / 86.9%) Mitch Richmond (515 / 43.7%) Mitch Richmond (3172 / 82)
Number 2 Mitch Richmond (1872) Reggie Theus (692) Doug Christie (180) Mitch Richmond (1497 / 44.6%) Kevin Martin (570 / 84.4%) Jason Williams (505 / 28.7%) Mike Bibby (3167 / 82)
Number 3 Mitch Richmond (1867) Kenny Smith (621) Doug Christie (160) Mitch Richmond (1465 / 46.8%) Mitch Richmond (531 / 86.1%) Mike Bibby (497 / 38.6%) Kenny Smith (3145 / 81)
Number 4 Mitch Richmond (1823) Jason Williams (589) Doug Christie (151) Mitch Richmond (1428 / 44.5%) Kevin Martin (527 / 86.7%) Mike Bibby (481 / 36%) Mitch Richmond (3125 / 81)
Number 5 Mitch Richmond (1803) Spud Webb (547) Mitch Richmond (125) Mike Bibby (1382 / 43.2%) Mitch Richmond (511 / 83.4%) Mitch Richmond (477 / 42.8%) Mitch Richmond (3095 / 80)
Number 6 Mike Bibby (1728) Mike Bibby (541) Spud Webb (125) Mitch Richmond (1368 / 44.7%) Reggie Theus (495 / 86.7%) Mitch Richmond (424 / 36.8%) Mike Bibby (3084 / 80)
Number 7 Mitch Richmond (1623) Spud Webb (528) Mike Bibby (124) Reggie Theus (1318 / 47%) Mitch Richmond (491 / 86.6%) Mike Bibby (378 / 39.2%) Mike Bibby (2980 / 82)
Number 8 Kevin Martin (1618) Tyus Edney (491) Mitch Richmond (118) Mike Bibby (1264/ 44.3%) Reggie Theus (490 / 82.7%) Mike Bibby (364 / 36%) Mitch Richmond (2946 / 81)
Number 9 Reggie Theus (1600) Spud Webb (481) Jason Williams (117) Reggie Theus (1223 / 47.2%) Mitch Richmond (471 / 86.4%) Mitch Richmond (334 / 38.9%) Doug Christie (2939 / 82)
Number 10 Reggie Theus (1574) Spud Webb (468) Danny Ainge (113) Mitch Richmond (1220 / 44.5%) Tyreke Evans (465 / 74.8%) Kevin Martin (333 / 38.1%) Reggie Theus (2919 / 82)

Among other things, these tables tell me the following:

* Mitch Richmond is the best player out of the group (like duh?).
* Kevin Martin is efficient when scoring and doesn’t turn the ball over but not necessarily a whole lot else. It probably won’t surprise you that Martin is 3rd in franchise history in TS%, and the 2 guys in front of him, Steve Johnson and Mikki Moore, didn’t play as many seasons or as often as Martin did.
* Reggie Theus is underrated by fans when you consider he shot pretty well and didn’t take many 3’s while with the Kings. (Which is one reason Theus doesn’t have an astronomical TS%.) Plus, Theus is 4th all time on the franchise list for total assists. So that has to be worth something even if, you’re like me anyway, you don’t care much for the assist total as it can often be misleading and not tell the entire story. Theus’ first 2 seasons under Phil Johnson and Jerry Reynolds not only produced the top 2 assist totals, but they are far and away the 2 best in the Sacramento era.
* My favorite personal stat is that Doug Christie is currently 2nd on the franchise list with 717 total steals. Not many players can say they amassed that many steals over a 4 1/2 year span. In fact, DC13 led the NBA in Steals in 2000-01. Not many Kings players in Sacramento can say they’ve been a league leader in any category.
* I don’t know if I love or hate Mike Bibby, but there are parts on both sides of the ledger that I feel at times with Mike. I generally feel that Mike Bibby’s time on the Kings was that MB10 was overrated, yet, and at the same time, there was also a reason the Kings were winning 50+ games his first 4 seasons in a Kings uni. Like I said, both sides of the ledger on this one.
*FWIW, Francisco Garcia is currently 10th on the total franchise blocks list, and will likely be 8th by the end of next season (insert no lockout caveat here).
* It might surprise you to know this, but neither Mitch Richmond nor Oscar Robertson (there wasn’t USG% calculated for his era is why he’s not on there) is at the top of the USG% list for the overall franchise. It’s Chris Webber. Just because I feel like pointing it out, both Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins, if they continue to use possessions at the rate they have over the last 2 seasons, will land them both in the top 10 in franchise history.
* I would love to put Danny Ainge on this list a bit more, but unfortunately his time with Dick Motta and the brief stay (a year and half) cut short his effect he would have had with a longer stay.
* One interesting point about the DRB% that leaves out an overall point: How many total Boards does a player get? In the Sacramento era, Tyreke Evans is the only G to average over 5 boards. Just another reason why I love Doug Christie? Every full season he had with Sacramento he averaged 4 or better boards.

Overall, I think both tables give a quality sampling of the G’s strengths (and in a few cases weaknesses) that the Kings have had. The biggest example that both tables illustrate that the Kings have had some talent, but not legendary talent like other franchises. Not every franchise can have a top 10 total points scored list like the Lakers or Celtics.

That pretty much does it. I hope you enjoyed this slice of Kings history. There is more to come in a few days.


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