Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 26, 2011

A tentative deal has been reached between the NBA players and Owners

Since most of the agreement details are on Twitter (and will be up on stories by morningtime after I’m in bed), I’m going to just leave it at this: There is a season. Do I know anything you don’t? Probably not.

Stern says, according to Ken Berger, that there will be a 66 game schedule and a triple-header on Christmas. Woj mentions that a number of issue’s that include D-League assignments and drug testing have to be hammered out.

UPDATE: Dec 9th may be the start of training camps. Wait until the schedules are released before jumping to conclusions. And, while you are waiting, one piece of advice: Everybody will have the same issue’s and problems on a 66 game issue that the Kings will.

UPDATE 2: According to Chris Sheridan of Sheridan Hoops there is an opt out for both players and owners after 6 years. The agreement is for 10 years total if neither side exercises their opt out. Sheridan also mentions this:

The sides announced no details, although Stern said the Christmas tripleheader will include the same games that were originally scheduled for Dec. 25 — Miami at Dallas, Boston-New York and the Chicago Bulls against the Los Angeles Lakers.

For what it’s worth, I mentioned several times earlier today on Twitter that I thought a deal would probably wait until Monday or Tuesday to get hammered out. It’s nice to see there was urgency and both sides coming to a compromise to getting a deal.

So. The NBA is back (supposedly). Yay? Or Nay? I’m betting Yay. I’ll have some lockout thoughts later tomorrow or Sunday (when I get around to it) and then eventually some thoughts on a new CBA when actual details can be agreed upon by sources. This will probably happen late next week or next weekend.

The NBA is back. Now the real run starts.


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