Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 30, 2011

My letter to the Sacramento City Council

Dear Council Members,

I am a former resident of Sacramento who now lives in Seattle Washington. I’ve lived in Seattle for about 4 1/2 years and would like to show why I think Sacramento would benefit from a new Sports and Entertainment Center.

As a former citizen, and still as a Kings fan, my biggest frustration with the current arena is the location. As someone who has spent the majority of my adult life without owning a vehicle, I appreciate being able to attend sporting events without driving to them. (I do have my drivers license.) Even if Light Rail ever gets expanded to the Airport, it would likely be 10 years before I would be able to ride Light Rail to a game at the current arena location. I personally believe this is the biggest benefit of the proposed SEC and this would include things such as concerts in a new arena that I otherwise would not or even consider attending.

Like everyone else who has emailed you from Here We Stay, I agree Sacramento is at a fork in the road. I believe Sacramento is a great city which possesses an unique unmistakable spirit. This project will show the best of Sacramento has to offer by undertaking a massive and critical project to modern Sacramentans and future Sacramentans alike. I believe there is nothing greater than showing pride in civic investment. The Dec 13th Council Meeting is an opportunity to illustrate the best of what the Sacramento region really means to all of us who have a literal and direct connection along with those with a more cerebral and spiritual connection.

Sacramento is an incredible place, and that doesn’t begin or end with the Kings or a new Sports and Entertainment Center. But I believe that a new Sports and Entertainment Center can be one of the engines that creates a new thriving vibrant Downtown District that, not so long ago in my childhood, once upon a time existed. I strongly urge you to maintain an open mind and with that consider all the options that come with a new measure to approve funds of a new Sports and Entertainment Center in Downtown Sacramento.

Thank you for your time

Nate Hughart
Here We Stay

(Note: If you have not sent a letter, there is a template on Sactown Royalty available for use if you can’t summon up a sentiment in your own words. This Dec 13th meeting is exceptionally critical, and all the help that we can give is certainly needed. If you live out of town like I do, I’m more than happy to proof-read a copy if you wish. My email is Thank You.)

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