Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 9, 2011

Kings sign Marcus Thornton to a 5 year 40 million deal 4 year 31 million deal

First, I’d like to thank Kevin Fippin (of Here We Stay) for this wonderful photoshop (he’s also posted it at @ Sactown Royalty):


Ignoring one of my favorite images of all time, I like this deal. I’m hoping that we see a similar structure deal to what Nick Collison (a big bonus this season that pushes the total to the amount we see but actually reduces the strain of the contract in later years) received with the Thunder last year.

Is Marcus Thornton the best of fits with the Kings? I think he has a strong possibility of improving on his 28 games last season with more time and a chance to play off a healthy Tyreke Evans. I also think Thornton could end up settling into a Ben Gordon role off the bench that is a super scoring sub. Thornton does have enough talents that I think will make the King significantly benefit regardless of the exact circumstances and minute distribution moving forward.

News has also just leaked that Chuck Hayes has indeed signed with the Kings for 4 years and 21.3 million. Since I have to give a few minutes to collect my thoughts on Hayes, come back in a hour for that post.

As far as Thornton, this is a low risk potentially high yield reward move. The reality that you could have your entire backcourt together for their entire prime is a wonderful prospect that the Kings have set themselves up for in the long run. I like that the Kings payed Thornton, which some could say is more than he is worth today, with the idea that they needed him to stick around to maximize the value of the other more important talents on the roster right now.

I believe, and continue to believe that Marcus Thornton is a key component to the King mini-successful run the Kings made towards the end of last season. Keeping Marcus Thornton is a nice way to start an off-season and a disappointing yesterday (yeah I’m really ticked by what Stern did).

BUCKETZAAASZZZZAZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!1211409#$%@$!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I like this move?)

UPDATE: After some renegotiating, the deal will be 4 years 31 million most likely according to Sam Amick.

I still like the deal. At 4 years it may be even more advantageous to the Kings and Thornton to renegotiate then. Since this isn’t set in stone, we’ll have to wait 4 years to really discuss it in depth. That said, re-signing Thornton was a must and the Kings did that.



  1. Even though I’m still a little pissed about the Chuck Hayes signing, I like this deal a lot. I’m a huge fan of Thornton’s game and hopeful that he can continue to make strides in his overall game and tweak his strengths to fit next to playing with Tyreke. The only thing is him and Jimmer could perhaps be very similar players and that could develope a battle at that position. Who do you see more as the 6th man role and who do you see as the actual starter?

    • A lot of people see Thornton coming off the bench and Fredette starting. I don’t think it makes a difference, and in a couple years the Kings have the flexibility to figure out which one is better.

      It’s not just a matter of how Thornton and Fredette fit with Evans; it’s also a matter of fit with the other 3 guys in the frontcourt too. Sometimes that dynamic gets overlooked in all of this.

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