Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 11, 2011

So if Andrei Kirilenko doesn’t become available what about Josh Childress?

I know. It’s Josh Childress. He sucks. Or does he?

What happened in Phoenix is an unfortunate bi-product of what can happen when things don’t quite go your way. Is Josh Childress as bad as the 6% of 3PT’s he hit last season? No. Until he left for Europe, Childress’ career Percentage was about 35.7% on 258 3PT attempts. OVER 4 SEASONS.

Childress, despite the fact he isn’t that adept at taking 3 pointers is a very good player. He handles the ball, is a good passer, and can play the 2/3. In a lot of ways for a team looking to shore up it’s depth and get a veteran, I think Childress qualifies.

I would be very happy to trade Donte Greene for Childress if a veteran is really something the Kings are looking for. Sure it sounds crazy, but quality SF’s are not easy to find. Is it a risk? Sure, 4 years and about 27 million remaining is a risk. A crazy out of mind risk? One that analysts will agree with? Not really no.

Let’s be honest. There are not many players that are veterans that are available, that are easy to attain, that teams will just trade away for little or next to nothing. There is risk associated with this type of move. Some will say why not trade Francisco Garcia to get Childress? Because for no other reason than depth is necessary. Garcia provides a necessary veteran component that the Kings believe (and they aren’t alone) they need.

If you believe Petrie and his recent presser, the Kings are about a million under the cap. This will take the Kings over the cap (provided the Kings trade Greene) by about 4 million. The needed flexibility still exists to re-sign both Jason Thompson and JJ Hickson to deals. You still have flexibility to do deals that make sense long term moving forward. Personally, I don’t really think much is out there in terms of trades that will make the fans happy. Childress is a big time risk that, if he pays off, people will stare in absolute disbelief. Stranger things have happened in the NBA.

Here’s another point. Sure, more people would like Jared Dudley, and I would too. But Phoenix won’t give Dudley up for Donte Greene. I’m not sure giving up a significantly better player is worth getting Dudley as talented as Jared Dudley is.

I’ve harped on the salary floor this year, but the reality is that it will get steeper next year at 85%. The year after (the first year of the Tyreke extension) will be 90%. Somebody will have a salary. Is there a guarantee it will be at a number more palatable than Childress?

The Kings badly need depth at a position that Childress provides. He’s not a high volume shooter, can handle the ball adequately if not well, is a good rebounder and defender, and is considered (rightfully so) a glue player. The Kings could use this. Overpaid? Sure no doubt about it. His production last year alone made it considerably one of the worst Free Agent signings in recent memory (which is saying something).

Phoenix, though, has a different team than the Kings. The Suns have different talents and needs than what Childress has. The Suns have a duplicative talent in Dudley, and a player like Grant Hill who may be coming back. Yes, Childress is due too much money, but that’s why he’s available. If Childress wasn’t due that kind of money, you couldn’t trade Donte Greene for him in this hypothetical.

Childress can play both the SG & SF for this team which is a much bigger issue than a veteran PG in my o opinion. (Although you can sign a JJ Barea too if you wish. I wouldn’t, but that’s me.)

The odds of this happening? Small. Minutely small. Yeah, the Kings need to spend a bit of dough, but there are other ways they can spend it. They could bid an amnesty on Chauncey Billups (wouldn’t be against that), or even trade Donte Greene for Matt Carroll (or nothing at all like a top 55 protected 2nd round pick for Carroll) of the Bobcats.

There are few players out there that will help the Kings in getting over the line in trades. If you’re gonna trade for a player with a long term contract, I’d much rather have Childress. I think the potential for Childress to rebound and be much closer to his production in Atlanta is greater in Sacramento than it ever will be in Phoenix. At worst, Childress is an expensive mistake that isn’t a great albatross. (4 years is not forever.) At best he’s a grand experiment that worked out incredibly well. No matter what you do here, there are risks. If you want a veteran who can produce, and has a history of production, Josh Childress may be the best player the Kings can go out and get given the circumstances. This is the same marketplace that just saw Caron Butler, albeit a former All-Star, get a 3 year 24 million dollar contract despite recent production. I think it’s worth a risk, but I would suspect there is somewhere between 0% and no chance in hell this happens. There is just too much money coming to Childress for the Kings to do that.

If you’re stuck deciding on a veteran to go out and get, I think it makes sense. After all, if you have to decide between paying Jimmer Fredette or Tyler Honeycutt instead of having to pay Childress that would make sense. But I sense that Honeycutt’s deal will be similar to what Hassan Whiteside’s contract is, and Jimmer will have 4 years on his rookie deal. As long as Childress’ contract isn’t ridiculously exorbitant you can absorb it despite what fans may say.

The way the Kings are currently built it makes sense that you would consider a contract like Childress’. If you’re gonna offer Andrei Kirilenko 3 years at 30 million dollars, Josh Childress at 4 years and 27 million isn’t that big of a stretch let’s be honest.

If you’re freaked out by the idea of Childress, I don’t blame you. Don’t worry: It won’t happen. I’m just noodling because the need for a 2/3 still exists for this team. Josh Childress may be the best option out there as scary as that is.


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