Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 17, 2011

Kings bid on Travis Outlaw’s amnestied contract; this is stupid in otherwords

This is according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. Look. I hate Travis Outlaw. What I wrote last night was being kind. Outlaw is an inefficient combo F who really only scores and does little else. His man defense may be okay, and I stress okay, but he’s no better than JJ Hickson is for instance.

As far as the modified waived process that allows teams to bid on amnestied contracts, the Kings utilized that option with Outlaw. The minimum bid on Chauncey Billups (or any contract I believe) was 1.3 million, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kings were the only team to bid on Outlaw. If they bid a minimum of 1.3 million for 1 season, I can live with that.

The question is can the waiver system on amnestied contracts work the same way as the waiver system? When a player is waived, a player has 48 hours to clear waivers before a player is waived. During that 48 hours teams can decide to pick up the entire salary of the waived player (along with the contract). My judgment of the modified process is that a team is able to bid years and dollars on an amnestied player. I’d be shocked if the Kings bid more than the minimum on Outlaw and for longer a year. If the only way you can bid on a player is to bid a dollar amount for the remaining years of the contract, the greater question is why? What’s the point. (Like I said, I don’t think the Kings have assumed the remaining 4 years of Outlaw’s deal.)

UPDATE: According to Howard Beck, the Kings bid 3 million and will assume the next 4 years of Outlaw’s contract. Excuse me, I have to ram my head repeatedly into a wall. Resume reading.

I don’t like Outlaw, and I’ll be happy if I’m wrong. But there’s a reason Portland traded Outlaw away to the Clippers in 2010, and there’s a reason the Nets, even after dropping a 5 year 35 million dollar deal on Outlaw, amnestied the guy. He just doesn’t have a lot of value left.

Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I’m not. As per usual, folks will see this how they want (I don’t like him and have thought he was overrated for a long time), and I see this as a stupid move. If it works out, then it works out. I’m just not holding out my breathe that it will be something of any real or even immediate value. Here’s hoping I’m wrong eh?


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