Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 3, 2012

Kings at Memphis Grizzlies Game 6

Well, another game another dollar (for the NBA anyway). Who knows how the Cuz drama plays out because there is going to be drama one way or the other with this asshole kid for the rest of days. That’s what the Kings signed up for. If you don’t like that interpretation, oh well. That’s your problem.

There are other things going on, but since the only things that matter are the dramatic renditions of a tall drama queen, I’m not sure anyone cares. I surely don’t, well, except for being fairly intrigued to see how the rest of the roster performs tonight regardless of how many minutes Cousins’ receives. But hey, Cousin’s drama is the only thing that’s important because it holds the fate of Sacramento in the balance if Cousins’ dramatic loopy ass doesn’t get minutes.

Zach Randolph (a one time major problem child with major talent) might not play Tuesday which is good news.

As far as the Kings ORtg & DRtg watch, the ORtg is now 101.9 (18th of 30) and the Def Rtg is 108.3 (26th of 30). The pace of the Kings through 5 games is 91.3 (16th of 30).

Memphis is at 94.3 (29th of 30) and the Def Rtg is 103.9 (16th of 30) . Their pace is at 93.8 (9th of 30).

Required Reading

3 Shades of Blue has a game preview of the game tonight already up.

Straight Outta Vancouver talks a bit about what type of players they would like the Grizzlies to acquire. Jason Thompson is one of them.

Apparently Hamed Haddadi is back with the Grizzlies. (The holdup is a work permit.) Haddadi is the fellow who took a picture with Omri Casspi that caused an uproar because Haddadi is Iranian and Casspi is Israeli.

Final Stathead Thoughts of the day

Last season, the Kings were 26th in the NBA in TOV% with 14.4%. The Kings were also 26th in eFG% at 48%. This season, the Kings are 6th in the NBA at 13.1% in TOV%. In eFG%, the Kings are 25th at 44.5%. (It’s still early remember.) Just something to chew on when thinking about who is valuable and who isn’t. At the end of the day, it’s not the style of play that really matters but whether the ball goes in the basket more often for you than the other guy.

Yes, you’ve come to read life philosophy in two and half minutes. Game is at 5pm PST if you’re unemployed, retired, or don’t give a shit about your job. It’s on some outlet that may or may not be available in the Sahara desert depending on how many sunspots are flashing at the moment. Peace in the Middle East?


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