Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 3, 2012

Kings get their ass whooped in the effort department by the Grizzlies; lose 113-96

Really, if you’ve seen this team play this season, or last season, or the year prior, or ever really seen a bad team, you saw the game tonight.

Where to start. I’m not even sure where to start. It felt like the Kings were playing hard and with purpose. But when the Grizzlies went on a major run in the 3rd quarter (Grizz outscored the Kings by 17 in the 3rd quarter), it was game over.

Transition defense was awful. Kings got ourebounded by 8. Couldn’t make shots consistently (talk about holy missed layups Batman!) and the Grizz were merciless (as they should be) in transition. Really, if you didn’t watch the game, you’re better off. Trust me. I wish I hadn’t, but I’m stuck in this mode of being a Kings fan. Of course with my luck, because I have class tomorrow during the entire Denver game (starts at 6, ends likely around 830 LOL), this will be my basketball fix unless I stay up really late tomorrow to watch the game after I get home from class. (I might depending on the final score.) And by my luck, I mean a fun flowing game that makes all the bad nights worth it.

The bottom line here is that a player on this team needs to take ownership of this teams problems and find a way to get the game going in the right direction. Accountability needs to be had. Leadership needs to be exhibited. While I never thought it would be simple or smooth, to say the least, the difficulties of this season has been a lot more than this fanbase was hoping for. And in more than a few ways the type of plays this team is making is simply unacceptable.

Here’s to hoping that Denver provides us a smoother and less bumpier ride than the game against Memphis tonight.


  1. Transition defense seems to be the biggest issue Kings have suffered from all season long. Lack of transition defense can’t be blamed on there lack of athleticism because this is one of the more athletic Kings teams in the last couple of years. It has to be blamed on the lack of effort.

    Why the lack of effort? Perhaps because they are not playing hard enough for there head coach Paul Westphal. That’s the only explanation I can think of and also the way there offense is designed. What kind of offense are they running out there anyway?
    Kings have one of the worst structured offenses I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. If you are a player on the team than you are basically telling yourself what’s the point of running back on defense when we have ZERO clue what we are doing on offense?

    I was waiting for this team to go out on the road and see how they manage considering I didn’t catch the Portland game. I don’t want to sound like a negative nancy or anything but so far this season has been just about the WORST you can possibly ask for. It’s pretty obvious that Westphal is overwhelmed by the job so far in this early season and really hasn’t made any significant strides since his first day on the job.

    • Yeah this team hasn’t been very fun to watch and is struggling with it’s chemistry. It’s hard to see how there is tangible real improvement even in the losses. On the other hand, a few wins in a row and a calmer DeMarcus Cousins would cure some of the real ill’s this Kings team has. That, and Tyreke Evans pushing this franchise in the direction that only Reke has the capability of doing at this juncture.

      As far as Westphal goes, it is what it is. I could see why the Kings might fire him, but it won’t be because of Cousins. In fact, if the Kings do fire Westphal, I expect Keith Smart to take over and I expect Smart to continue with the discpline that Westphal has already set up for Cousins. Maybe Cousins will continue to come off the bench for awhile until he grows up. Maybe not. (I hope so though.)

      At any rate, we were all hoping for something more this season and have yet to receive that for any long term basis (like 2 games). Here’s to hoping that tonight in Denver is the start that changes that.

  2. I watched a lot of Warriors games last season and I was impressed with Keith Smart and the way he handled himself as a rookie head coach with a young team. It seemed like he did a very good job of keeping everything together and getting the most out of most situations. He has very solid personality traits that could perhaps reach out to Cousins or at least to the team overall more compared to Westphal. I don’t hate Westphal’s guts or anything but his run as head coach has been a failure and it’s time to move on. I think if they give Keith Smart the opportunity sooner rather than later he’ll perhaps even be a long term solution for this team. He’s a pretty inexperienced coach but he’s 47 years old and has played the game so he has huge potential in my view.

    • Frankly KF123, I think Smart is likely to have the job by the end of the week if the team continues to be listless.

      Either A), Westphal won’t want the job any longer or B), the Maloofs will overrule Petrie and fire Westphal anyway in the hopes that a small change will produce a different attitude.

      My feelings on a coaching change will be that a guy like Cousins may improve in the shortterm, but in the long run the same problems apply. And if the same problems keep cropping up, Keith Smart won’t be any different for Cousins than Westphal is now.

      At some point, players need to be accountable regardless of the head coach. I look at it this way: Unless Westphal is doing a ridiculous foundational move by playing a player out of position (like PJ Carleismo with Kevin Durant), it’s very difficult for a head coach to have a real impact in the NBA. It’s still up to the players to execute and give effort. I don’t see this group, right or wrong, doing that right now.

      On the other hand, nothing Westphal is doing is telling me that he is a long term hire and that is probably the best reason for letting him go IMO. If Westphal isn’t the answer, perhaps Keith Smart is. Westphal knows that unless he produces a miracle with this team and quickly, he isn’t getting another head coaching job anyway. He’s also probably too old to want to go through with what he is going through anyway. As far as I’m concerned, Westphal at worst is a stopgap coach and at best is the coach who set things in motion so that the team could have paramount improvement. Take that for what’s it worth.

      Nobody is convincing me that firing Paul Westphal because DeMarcus Cousins acts like an unmanageable twat is the right thing to do. Firing Westphal because the other guys aren’t buying into his system and it’s clear that the only real move is to make a change? Okay, I’ll buy that. But change for changes sake isn’t really the way to go, and is only a desperation move. The problem is that this team could very well be at the point where a desperation move is the only way to proceed at this juncture.

  3. […] do it poorly. Like I’ve said in my comment on the last thread about Paul Westphal, this is how I see the situation: I think Smart is likely to have the job by the end of the week if the team continues to be […]

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