Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 10, 2012

Pathetic young “superstars” + teammates lacking confidence + quality opponent = quality butt kicking on road

3 of those 4 happen routinely. Confidence comes & quality opponents are aplenty in the NBA. Literally almost every rotation player, if not all, was the best player on their high school and/or college team. The NBA is not High School or College which is a lesson that Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins apparently did not receive. Or a lesson neither are willing to accept.

While it’s true both did some good things tonight, they are too lazy and pathetic on a consistent basis to say “Oh yeah you did a couple things right tonight.” Fuck that.

As long as Tyreke and DeMarcus think they can do whatever they want and just throw the balls out there any old time they feel like it these results will continue as you’ve seen. Butt whoopings? Tonight the Kings got shellacked because few players did much of anything right and it was just one of those games. If this was an aberration I could understand that. I would not be upset at an aberration.

This team has gotten their butts kicked on the road for 4 games now by an average of 23 points. And it starts with the same 2 players: Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins.

Forget DeMarcus Cousins here for a second. Sometimes he tries, but without purpose. Let’s focus on Tyreke Evans for a greater moment. Exactly what does Tyreke do that is better than what he brought with him when entering the NBA? Little if you’re asking me. Tyreke Evans survives on natural talent and hope from the organization that he’ll grow up and develop as a player.

Speaking of the Kings organization, this is when hope from basketball management and cash poor NBA owners collide. This is the result. This is a dysfunctional franchise from top to bottom, and every day that another listless game happens I wonder why Keith Smart can’t start shooting fireballs at Tyreke until he plays with urgency. Because whatever Smart is doing right now clearly won’t motivate Tyreke at this juncture. That’s not Keith Smart’s fault; Tyreke Evans was lazy and dismissive under Paul Westphal. Again, and I said this last week, but the fault of this franchise mainly lay with limited ownership, possible over the hill management, and lazy indifferent “star” talent that the entire team is geared around. It’s a train wreck, and not the kind of train wreck that you can be amused by. This is a pathetic sad franchise that desperately needs something to go the right way, and it’s not even close to even remotely achieving that at the moment.

In the meantime, competent coaches (and Smart likely will get fired at the end of the season if this keeps up into next week) may eschew this team due to the lack of chemistry and star talent. Because right now, this team is geared around some fragile fits (Salmons, Thornton and Evans were never going to be a natural fit anyway you slice it) and 2 potential star talents growing into their own. Neither have happened and this is the problem with this team.

I’ve watched a number of Jazz games so far, and it’s amazing (after watching this Kings team; I’m stunned how many NBA teams play hard) how much effort the Jazz give on a night-in night-out basis. They don’t get “style” points for running back on defense. You run back on defense or you don’t play. The problem is: How do you bench your 2 young “stars”? Paul Westphal did something rare, albeit quite a bit strange, with DeMarcus Cousins. 4 days later he is fired due to self preservation from the Maloofs and Geoff Petrie.

What happens when you sit Tyreke Evans or DeMarcus Cousins if you are Keith Smart? Where is the culture to support that type of move given their attitudes at the moment? Even if there was the culture to support it, it wouldn’t be that simple anyway. Both Evans and Cousins have to not only work, but work with purpose. I’m convinced there has been some level of work with both, but with no real purpose for either. They are crying for leadership by others while ignoring their necessary component that THEY have to be leaders. John Salmons and Chuck Hayes are not on banners or faces on the website. Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins are. They take that very fact for granted and think that their natural talent will carry them wherever they think it should go is the biggest problem.

To be honest, I’m hoping this team keeps getting smoked on the road, home, and on the Moon or wherever else NBA teams play, until Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins take their collective swollen egos out of their collective asses. Their play is beyond pathetic and completely rephrensible. They should pay the fans to watch them given their pathetic sorry effort.

Hey Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins: Go fuck yourselves you sadsack pieces of shit. You aren’t worth the ground you walk on you piece of shit clowns.



  1. There games are all over by the beginning of the 3rd quarter now a days. Tyreke and Demarcus are disgraces to there profession at the moment. The saddest thing about these two is they are both unbelieveably physically gifted but don’t really want to put in the work beyond that. It’s almost like everything has been given to them. What have they honestly improved on since there rookie year? or perhaps even since there freshman college years? Tyreke still has a very inconsistent jumpshot and has basically been the same player all 3 years thus far. While Demarcus had foul trouble in college and still has foul trouble in the second season of his career. The guy can’t make a fucking layup to save his life and obviously hasn’t put in the work to improve his overall game. I’m embarassed that these two are our franchise building blocks because it looks pretty ugly at the moment. I still have a TINY bit of hope because both men are so physically talented…but all I can fucking do is hope and all they’ll fucking do is collect there paychecks and not improve the obvious weakpoints in there offensive games and continue to lack effort on defense.

    I still put blame on managment for going out and getting John Salmons. Nothing against Salmons as I’ve always thought pretty highly of what he can bring BUT what he can bring doesn’t fit with the team. He’s a isolation player so why the fuck would a team already lacking passers and playmakers need an ISOLATION player who’s career is only going to go downhill from here? I have not been impressed with Salmons at ALL this season. I didn’t even have high expectations for the guy coming into the season and he hasn’t even reached half fucking IT. JJ Hickson continues to prove that he’s not capable of being a starting PF in my view. He is very averge at basically everything and doesn’t really compliment Cousins as well as I thought he would. Jason Thompson had another good game in Philadelphia. Play like that consistently no matter where you play you fucking Big Lipp Alligator.

    Tomorrow should be fun…we are playing a team that is almost as bad, ALMOST. Raptors just lost to the WIZARDS…THE WIZARDS and if Kings end up getting blown out by halftime or 3rd quarter like they consistently have than I’ll consider it by far the worst loss of the season. Even worse than Denver without Nene, Knicks at SAC without Amare, and Grizzles without Zach Randolph. They really take advantage of opponents with key injuries don’t they? Cya Tomorrow HomIE!

    • Salmons is what he is. I understood why the Kings went out and got him; after all they needed someone to fill that hole. There just weren’t many guys out there available. Names that other fans would have preferred for sure, but not guys with Salmons talent AND availability.

      Salmons struggling? No argument there. But at least he gives consistent effort which is not the same thing I can say about either Evans or Cousins at this point. Disgraces both of them.

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