Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 13, 2012

Kings at Houston Rockets: Game 12

Another game, another day, another potential explosion or ridiculous amounts of confusion.

Houston features the pretty nice trio of Kyle Lowery, Luis Scola and the almighty Kevin Martin. The Rockets, strangely enough, are 3-7 right now.

Houston’s ORtg is 102.3 (15th of 30), DRtg is 107.4 (26th of 30) and Pace is 91.1 (17th of 30).

Sacramento’s ORtg is 99.1 (24th of 30) and DRtg is 108.5 (27th of 30).

The formula, right or wrong, is to make shots and keep the other guys from doing so. Right now the Kings are at 43.6 eFG% (28th in NBA) for shots taken and 51.4 eFG% (28th in NBA).

Shocking development eh?

Required Reading

Why Terrence Williams isn’t playing. Via Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. Also, Why the 3-7 Rockets start could be different from Feigen.

A video from Rahat Huq explaining why the Rockets acquired Hasheem Thabeet and Jonny Flynn. There is also quality notes to peruse.

An amusing preview from the Dream Shake. Also why Rockets fans shouldn’t panic after the Rockets 3-7 start.

From Jason Jones (of the Bee) obligatory article regarding Isaiah Thomas:

It’s not a position some would have predicted for the last player picked (60th overall) in the 2011 NBA draft.

“If you say, ‘Why was he the last pick?’ there’s only one reason – his size,” Smart said. “He has everything else. Energy, he’s athletic. If he were 6-3, he wouldn’t be there, he’d probably be a first rounder. But you can’t teach heart, and he has a big heart.”

I got news for Keith Smart: The NBA done did fucked up because Thomas was in no way a 60th pick regardless of draft. I’m still shocked he lasted past 40 let alone all the way to 60. Even then, as Draft Express noted, other than Nate Robinson, Thomas is the shortest player ever drafted in either round.

Isaiah Thomas is a number of things, but Nate Robinson he is not. Thomas is a real talent, and lasting to 60 was a great break for the Kings (and Thomas realistically). Sometimes, luck isn’t always just jumping up to the 1st overall pick.

You have to love this about Lefty Speedy Gonzalez (aka LSG):

“That’s one of the toughest situations,” Thomas said. “… My job is to go in and stop the best guard. It’s hard, but there are no excuses in this league, and you’ve got to be ready.”

By the way, here is why I call Thomas LSG:

Thomas when he was a younger lad


Isaiah all grown up

Plus Thomas is a lefty, hence LSG. I rest my case.

Stathead Final Thoughts

Despite what some may, John Salmons is not likely to remain shooting the 3 ball at a 22% clip. In fact, Salmons career 3pt% is at 36.5%. (Salmons lowest season 3pt% was 29.9%; his last season in Philly.) After all the looks Salmons has gotten, I have a strong feeling that Salmons will start hitting them. Salmons may only get to 34% or 35% by the end of the season, but right now I suspect that 22% is a blip on the radar of an overall season.

Final Thoughts

The game is at 5pm PST. The game may or may not be televised on your particular television using E.T. as the energy source at a particular time in the future or now. (Do yourself a favor and don’t light your finger on fire when phoning home or elsewhere okay? I’m not responsible for such asshattery.)

Go Kings?

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