Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 14, 2012

Game 13: Kings at Dallas Mavericks

Another game, another potential victory for greatness, blowouts or terrible transition defense. (Or all 3.)

Irk and Allas; otherwise known as Dirk and Dallas. Well except for the fact that Dallas is 7th in DRtg at 99.6 Pts (per 100 possessions) and 18th in ORtg at 101.5 Pts. They play at a fairly fast pace at 92.6 Possessions for 12th in the NBA.

The Kings are currently 99.0 (24th of 30) in ORtg, 108.8 (28th of 30) in DRtg and 94.0 (4th of 30) in terms of Pace.

What’s the key to beating Dallas? Well they rebound well, force turnover’s, and are barely in the bottom 3rd in defensive eFG%.

First, the Kings must continue to not commit a ridiculous sum of turnover’s. Second, running the offense in the halfcourt to get as many quality shots will be mandatory. Getting easy baskets in transition will help that effort. It’s really not that difficult. Get quality shots and be patient with the offense, get back in transition, expend energy on defense, and get the rebound. Go back the other way and do it all again. Rinse, wash, repeat.

Required Reading

Rob Mahoney’s recap of the Mavericks win over the Bucks last night at Two Man Game.

Jason Kidd will return tonight against the Kings from Brad Townshend of the Dallas Morning News. Lamar Odom hears loud noises too (this is also from Townsend as well).

Mike Fisher of breaks down the Bucks victory for the Mavericks and scouts the Kings. (You’ll find some interesting thoughts in Donut 5 and Donut 6.)

To the Kings links…..

Jason Jones recaps the loss to Houston. Something Keith Smart said makes me think a potential lineup change could come starting tonight:

“I’ve got to make sure I have the right group in the game early knowing that maybe we’re a little bit slow or lethargic to start the third quarter,” Smart said.

“But we can’t be that way – we’re pros. We’ve got to be able to get ourselves ready in the third quarter. But I’ve got to do a better job of making sure the run doesn’t last longer than it has.”

I’m not going to bang the drum for Isaiah Thomas starting as often as possible, but isn’t it obvious the Kings are struggling with Evans and Thornton/Fredette as the starting backcourt?

Here is all the talking points about Alex English that are pertinent. Jones story for the paper and the piece on the Bee Blog (which quotes Petrie).

Also, there is a portion of the Kings notes from Jones that include this part about Chuck Hayes return to Houston:

Hayes’ return – The visiting team might have had the most popular player at the Toyota Center.

An injured visiting player rarely goes on pregame television for the home team, but that was the case with Kings forward-center Chuck Hayes.

Hayes, who spent his first six seasons with the Houston Rockets, has missed the last four games because of a dislocated left shoulder.

There was a video tribute for Hayes after the first quarter, and many of the fans gave him a standing ovation. The video ended with the phrase, “Chuck Hayes, Thanks for Six Great Seasons.”

“My son asked me, ‘Are they going to boo you?’ ” Hayes said before seeing the video. “I was like, ‘I don’t know if they’re going to boo me.’ ”

Hayes said it was difficult to return to Houston while injured but still appreciated the Rockets fans.

Last but not least, Sam Dalembert talked about the odd situation that developed when the Kings offered and retracted a contract offer back in December:

“You know that’s the business is and sometimes there’s bad blood,” Dalembert said. “I was expecting a more professional approach but obviously some people handle things differently. To me obviously they were upset and I wasn’t wrong. I feel bad, they have a great fan base over there, I loved playing over there but I had the feeling they really didn’t want me back. For them to come out and say something like that it shows they really didn’t have it in mind to get me back. It’s the way it is and it’s the way the business is and I’ve had to deal with it.”

Stathead Final Thoughts

DeMarcus Cousins has the lowest individual DRtg on the Kings with a 102. The next lowest? JJ Hickson, Tyreke Evans, and Isaiah Thomas with a 108 DRtg.

Jason Thompson leads the Kings in TS% with 54.3 TS%, Marcus Thornton isn’t far behind at 53.8%, Isaiah Thomas is at 53.2%, and Tyreke Evans is at 53%.

Cousins has had 1.8 blocks per game so far this season which is up from 0.8 Blocks last season.

The last important thought is that the Kings are 4th in the NBA at Free Throws Attempted. But, they are also 17th in FT% at 74.2% which is literally a few shades below league average. Tyreke Evans, after that slow start percentage wise from the FT line, is now shooting FT’s at 76.4%. DeMarcus Cousins is now shooting FT’s at 76.6% clip!

Final Thoughts

The game is at 6pm PST, may or may not be an outlet you have heard of, and will most likely disappoint. Who said I couldn’t be succinct? Go Kings.


  1. Broke the record – FEWEST PTS IN HALF

    Nice going, morons…IDIOTS.

    They picked off right where they left off from that pathetic second half last night. As good as the Mavs played defensively guys like Tyreke and Demarcus need to show some leadership. They were absolutely GUTLESS throughout the whole first half and not being aggressive as they should be. I can’t really describe how bad they truely played. AWFUL

    • Yeah. This team is a train wreck. I keep hoping the next game they’ll grow up, but it doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

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