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Game 16: Kings at San Antonio Spurs

Well, another day, another dollar (for some) and another opportunity to export some of the worst looking statistically ugly the basketball world has ever seen. Tough choices you see.

Sacramento has an ORtg of 96.7 (28th of 30) and a DRtg of 108.0 (27th of 30). The Pace for the Kings is 93.4 (7th of 30) possessions per game.

San Antonio has an ORtg of 107.7 (4th of 30) and a DRtg of 103.9 (19th of 30). The Pace for the Spurs is 91.2 (18th of 30) possessions per game.

What do I expect? I’m just hoping everybody gets back in transition. This team has killed any and all expectations I have had simply due to their glorious and willful ineptitude (here’s looking at you Tyreke!). The Spurs are 10-5 while the kings are 5-10. Am I expecting much? No, I never really was honestly. The Kings have always struggled in San Antonio and tonight wouldn’t be a surprise that there is more of the same.

Required Reading

Apparently parking is drawing interest for a new arena. Via Tony Bizjak of the Bee.

I find this quote from Keith Smart in Jason Jones’ piece about team philosophy a bit interesting (to say the least):

“If I can count on them to come in the games like that and make plays the way they did tonight, they’ll stay right there (in the rotation),” Smart said. “Your bench really wins it for you in the NBA. Your stars close games out, but your bench keeps the game manageable until your stars can get in there and close a game out.”

From Jones’ blog post yesterday:

“(DeMarcus) Cousins, if he wasn’t playing well, he had (Samuel) Dalembert,” Smart said. “Tyreke if he wasn’t playing well, he had (Beno) Udrih. We don’t have a lot of that now, these guys are the forefront. They now have to bring something to the table every night, that’s what I’m trying to build.”

This line is equally as important given the previous line:

Until the Kings know they can count on certain players to be consistent, Smart will continue to mix up his lineups as he sees fit and rely on his entire roster to try to win games.

Ailene Voisin wrote the inevitable Geoff Petrie hit piece on Wedneosday.

Last but not least, there are 2 terrific pieces on Cowbell Kingdom. The first is by James Ham and whether the Kings should or shouldn’t re-sign Jason Thompson. The second is regarding Keith Smart’s philosophy as a head coach by Jon Santiago.

Onto the Spurs stuff…..

The Pounding the Rock preview for tonight’s game. Also a comparison between the Spurs & Kings (hint the Spurs are a lot better).

48 Minutes of Hell is one of the finest blogs in the blogosphere (and obviously for the Spurs) and these 2 pieces are no detriment to that reputation. The first is discussing the impact of Kawhi Leonard by Jesse Blanchard. The second is Tony Parker’s paint points by Aaron McGuire.

An explanation of Plus Minus by the San Antonio Express News Tim Griffin.

Mike Monroe of the Express News discusses Danny Green and the perils of learning the NBA.

Last but not least, Project Spurs does a preview of the Kings-Spurs matchup tonight. If you should choose to, here is a funny moment from the Orlando-San Antonio game with Quentin Richardson. (Watch the video in the link.)

Stathead Final Thoughts

Here is a list of every player who has averaged Five or more Free Throws per game in the Sacramento era. There are 39 players who have done so. Some of the typical names you would expect are on there: Kevin Martin and Mitch Richmond are probably the first 2 that would jump to mind if I were guessing. Chris Webber did a few times as well.

The last time 2 teammates did it in the same were Kevin Martin and Ron Artest (I’m not calling him MWP–and not because of something like a Cassius Clay-Muhammad Ali thing either) during the full 2 seasons each played with other.

Before those 2 chuckleheads (I say that in a nice way), the last 2 Kings teammates to get to the line for at least 5 attemps were Mike Bibby and Brad Miller in the 2004-05 season. Chew on that for a minute.

Real Final Thoughts

The game starts at 5:30 PST, and either a competent game of NBA basketball will be played from the Kings end, or it won’t. (This is not a question of the Spurs; it’s simply mandatory.)

Good luck? I think the Kings will need it tonight unless the as per usual black-holeness works for our beloved dipshits selfish contigent of shoot first “players” in a strange twist of perverse God-like humor.


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